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Christmas Cookies - Gift guide

Frosted Sugar Cookies

Delicate and creamy vanilla makes up the overall body of this mouth-watering aroma. A base of sweet sugar cookies, this candle is the perfect treat and a relatable fragrance for those familiar with our classic candle collection.

Gingerbread - gift guide

The Best-Seller

Indulge in our best-selling Christmas candle, back for the third time. An absolutely delicious buttery biscuit base with sweet and spicy notes of ginger, maple & cinnamon. The perfect candle for anyone, who doesn't love Gingerbread!

White Christmas - gift guide

A Winter Escape

Inspired by a Winter wonderland in a faraway place, this candle is reminiscent of crisp cool air with light woody notes, green leaves and Gardenia—the perfect flame for the lover of fresh fragrances.