No. 13 Maple Pancakes - Large 400g Soy Candle

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Old-fashioned pancakes, NOW BIGGER!

A fresh hot stack of pancakes drizzled with sweet sticky maple syrup & butter to top it off. 

Contains a single wooden wick.


This candle contains notes of:

Buttermilk, Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar, Vanilla.

Product Info

Approx. Burn Time: 60 hours

Weight In Wax: 400g


Our candles are hand-crafted using natural sustainable soy wax and premium fragrance oils with no nasty additives or toxic chemicals. Your candle is housed in our large signature amber jar accompanied by a crackling wooden wick to set the vibe right.

Candle Care

Ahhhhh a new candle, there's nothing quite like lighting it up for the first time, but! Performing the first burn correctly is crucial to the performance of your candle.

Allow the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the jar creating a nice even melt pool before snuffing the flame. This can usually take between 1 - 2 hours for a full melt pool to occur.

We recommend burning your candle for 2 - 3 hours on it's first burn to allow the candle to release its full potential of that wonderful fragrance and create a beautiful flow on effect for your next burn.

Your candle will arrive to you with a pre-trimmed wick by us.

Please ensure you trim your wood wick in between burns to maintain a healthy flame and even burn. If your wick is too long you may find it will begin to burn a large flame and throw off pumes of smoke which is completely normal, however will cause your candle to burn faster.

Keep your wood wick trimmed to approx 5mm.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Chantel Mackerness
Smells amazing!!

I loveeee this candle so much! Reminds me of a Sunday morning, smells sooo yummy!

Bella M
Favourite Candle!!!!

The Maple Pancakes candle is a delightful choice with its warm, sweet aroma that instantly fills the room. Its rich maple syrup scent combined with subtle pancake notes creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The fragrance is not overwhelming but provides a comforting touch, making it perfect for a relaxed and homey ambiance. BEST CANDLE I HAVE EVER OWNED!

Smells like waffles at Disneyland

I love this candle, I've repurchased it a few times and it's one of my favourite scents. Fills a room nicely but isn't overpowering or headache inducing. You honestly can't go wrong with Maple Pancakes.

Georgie Janosa
Maple Pancake

Absolutely the most beautiful magical scent it fills your home with a warm happy feeling I cannot put into words how beautiful these candles are thank you so much Waxhouse Candle Co you make my day.

Paul Cridge
Far Superior Candles

We have used a number of the popular scented candles and Waxhouse Candles smell better,burn evenly and more importantly last far longer than its 400gm competitors.
Our go to candle from now on.

Bridgette Cunningham

This candle is a must have!!


Warning beware if on a diet! This candle smells so delicious and is so strong I’ve wanted to eat all… day… long!!! It’s beautiful. I love candles that don’t only smell great when unlit but when lit? The whole house has this delicious aroma going on. It’s gorgeous. This for sure will be a favourite.

Pancake Parlour

If you love the pancake parlour then you’ll love this candle, every time i light this i get hungry, it smells so delicious & is so so strong! i’m so obsessed!

Maple Pancakes

Smells like freshly made maple pancakes!

Caralyn Pahos
So wrong

After ordering a 400g Maple pancakes candle I received 3 of the wrong scent candles, none of which we liked So the company offered to deliver my correct candle and I received the correct scent but 1/2 size of what I ordered and paid for. Not happy