The candle guide.

Welcome to our candle guide; Here, you will find information that will be useful in determining which scent is right for you or the special person you're buying for!

Smell is subjective, and a 1 size-fits-all approach doesn't necessarily work when it comes to fragrances and aromas. Scented candles contain fragrance oils made up of a combination of 'fragrance notes to create a finished product. When fragrance notes are blended together, we get a fragrance profile. Each profile performs differently in different conditions (melts, sprays, candles, diffusers etc.)

Fragrances are essentially made up of 3 layers. Top, middle (heart) and base notes. When you first open your candle and remove the lid, the first aromas that jump out of the jar at you are mostly top notes; these notes are the first impression and add a layer of complimentary aromas to your middle notes (heart). Vanilla, musk & brown sugar is the foundation of many of our fragrances, especially the foodie fragrances. From there, the profile is built up to bring each aroma to life. 

The heart notes of a fragrance will typically contain notes that make up the overall body of the fragrance; for example, No. 2 Apple Pie contains heart notes of Apple & baked bread which make up the body and give structure to the fragrance. Spice notes, for example, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger etc., typically are added as top notes in order to add the final touches or the “garnish” to the fragrance.

Understanding the basics of how fragrances work will help you in determining what to buy when browsing for candles.

Some candles are stronger than others, whilst some have a better cold throw (unlit candle) than a hot throw (lit candle) and vice versa. We have taken the guesswork out with a few simple questions to ask yourself when looking for a candle that is right for you!

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A guide to choosing the right scent (classic collection)

Which candles are suited for large spaces?

No. 13 Maple Pancakes

No. 30 Fairy Bread

Spicy Cinnamon

No. 2 Apple Pie

No. 18 Shortbread

These are all great candidates for larger spaces.

Their rich, deep aromas are perfect for impressing guests or filling your space with sweet bakery accord.

I like subtle scents, which do you recommend?

No. 6 Cinnamon Doughnut

No. 9 Salted Caramel Popcorn

No. 17 Chai Latte


These are all great for those interested in subtle/ slightly medium fragrances. These would be best suited for smaller spaces.

Gimme your strongest candle!

This is a tough one for sure, however No. 13 Maple Pancakes & No. 30 Fairy Bread would have to be our strongest candle. If you're looking to make a statement with guests or just love the strong smell of maple pancakes then this is definitely the candle for you!

Which candles are your most popular/ re-purchased?

Our top 3 most re-purchased candles are

No. 13 Maple Pancakes

No. 5 Coffee Bean

No. 6 Cinnamon Doughnut

These candles are staples in our range and have been around since the start of Waxhouse Candle Co. Each one offers a different level of strength and aroma.

How do I know which notes are in each fragrance?

The fragrance notes for each candle can be found on each product page as well as the candle label.