Discover a curated collection of scented delights. With a diverse list of beautiful aromas, you will find the perfect gift for your special people. Discover why Waxhouse candles are your go-to sensory experience for wowing your loved ones.

No. 33 Lemon Meringue Cupcake

Lemon-y & cake-y

Lemon Meringue Cupcake has climbed its way to the top of our best-seller list. A relatively new addition to our classic collection, this candle is a unique fragrance you won't find anywhere else other than Waxhouse! Notes of tarty lemon curd, sweet cake aromas and slight hints of whipped cream.

No. 13 Maple Pancakes

Mmmm, Pancakes!

Our OG powerhouse and most re-purchased/raved about candle. Maple Pancakes is exactly what you might expect from the name. Sweet, delicious maple syrup atop a stack of buttery, fluffy old-fashioned pancakes. This candle boasts a strong scent throw and has put many smiles on many faces. The perfect gift for your special someone.


A Little more exotic

With a collection filled with food-inspired fragrances, Campfire adds balance to our range. Although based on fire-roasted marshmallows, this fragrance provides layers of complexity that bring about a joyful, warming experience with notes of smouldering wood, amber and roasted Vanilla.

No. 6 Cinnamon Doughnut

The candle that set the pace.

This candle is our love child, another OG in our range and the candle that put us on the map. A smooth delicate blend of cinnamon-sugar & lightly fried dough. This fragrance is not to be missed and needs to be smelt to be loved.

Classic collection

There's more!

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