No. 22 Banana Bread - 200g Soy Candle

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Boasting a truly delicious combination of fragrance notes. Banana Bread is sweet, slightly spiced with a creamy undertone. This candle was much more of a personal endeavour for us as we hold this scent dear.

A classic in the making, Banana bread will do it all, impress guests or set the vibe right with your favourite movie or book. If you love banana bread, you're going to love this!

This candle contains notes of: 

Banana, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Brown Sugar, Vanilla.

Product Info

Approx. Burn Time: 40 hours

Height: 87mm 

Width: 72mm 

Weight In Wax: 200g

Total Weight: 450g


Our candles are hand-crafted using natural sustainable soy wax and premium fragrance oils with no additives. Your candle is housed in a UV resistant amber jar accompanied by a crackling wooden wick and signature golden lid to retain the fragrance throw between uses.

Candle Care

Ahhhhh a new candle, there's nothing quite like lighting it up for the first time, but! Performing the first burn correctly is crucial to the performance of your candle.

Allow the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the jar creating a nice even melt pool before snuffing the flame. This can usually take between 1 - 2 hours for a full melt pool to occur.

We recommend burning your candle for 2 - 3 hours on it's first burn to allow the candle to release its full potential of that wonderful fragrance and create a beautiful flow on effect for your next burn.

Your candle will arrive to you with a pre-trimmed wick by us.

Please ensure you trim your wick in between burns to maintain a healthy flame and even burn. If your wick is too long you may find it will begin to mushroom which is completely normal, however will cause your candle to burn faster.

Mushrooming is caused by excess carbon build up.

Keep your wick trimmed to approx 1/4 inch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jodie Todd
Smells EXACTLY like banana bread!

Even without lighting, the candle’s aroma is amazing and makes the room smell lovely. I bought these as a gift and will definitely be purchasing some for myself!


Is someone baking banana bread cos it sure smells like it…

Warms up the room!

Absolutely delicious! Best quality gourmand candles by far - I love the woodwick which has a little bit of crackle like a fireplace


Smells like banana lollies!

Cat Parkinson
Sooooo yummy

Delicious smelling even when it's not lit. Do not leave the lid open or you will get peckish

Delicious 😋

OMG this candle is by far my favourite! Makes my whole house smell like I've been baking banana bread, definitely a must in your cart!!

Roxene Aspey




Smells so good, that I’m hungry all the time! 😂

Smells so good and warms up the space. Like a few other of the scents we have, it also makes us hungry whenever we use them!

So delicious I could eat

So delicious