Our story

We are Taleigha & Yianni, partners in both life and in business. We founded Waxhouse Candle Co in early 2021 with the simple goal of creating candles that appeal to your inner child! In a stressful world we aim to provide simple joys through scent.

Starting a business during the initial COVID lockdowns in the heart of Sydney wasn't easy and we were fortunate enough to make it through a tough yet rewarding first year with many ups and downs.

Today we continue to perfect our wonderful craft by providing the same quality when we made our first 10 candles as we do now producing hundreds of candle each week. Our inspiration comes from our love of all things sweet and delicious.

Waxhouse candles are hand-crafted using natural soy and coconut wax and recyclable materials. We tend to focus on quality over vanity at Waxhouse which is the driving force for our simple yet bold aesthetic.

We are eternally grateful for the support & love we have received and work hard to provide you with high quality delicious smelling candles and products.